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Mobile Finance Solution

Our mobile finance approach is multifaceted and caters to a range of use cases.
It primarily serves startups and other financial institutions, as well as FinTech companies from different business verticals.

Maxonrow FinTech Start-ups
FinTech Start-ups

With our experienced mobile finance solution, we build your FinTech business as a market leader, flawlessly running all core activities and eventually playing a major role in writing your success stories.

Maxonrow Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions

With the aid of our network, email, and USSD platforms, you can provide excellent consumer services to your retail consumers, merchants, and corporate clients. Using our powerful and flexible omnichannel payment infrastructure, you will expand all your digital offerings comprehensively.

Maxonrow Mobile Money/ Wallet
Mobile Money/ Wallet

Mobile money / wallet simplifies digital transactions

We have a mobile wallet that serves as a portal for FinTech enterprises, banks, and financial institutions to provide services to their customers through mobile devices. Furthermore, it serves as a forum for the launch of digital wallets that are connected to their core framework.

Key Features
  • Simple KYC implémentation.
  • Account control for subscribers is made easy.
  • Simple to understand Management of Subscriber Beneficiaries.
  • Integration with OCS systems are easy.
Maxonrow Agency Banking
Agency Banking

Banking without a physical location

Banks and financial companies will use our solutions to expand their offerings beyond their brick-and-mortar locations to their customers' homes. Banks may perform a variety of tasks, including loan editing, remittance, and government subsidies, among others.

Key Features
  • Inclusion of funds.
  • Expanding commodity selection.
  • Benefit assessment at the highest level.
  • Ensuring concurrent economic growth.
Maxonrow Loyalty & Reward
Loyalty & Reward

Loyalty and incentive services will help you retain users

Present generous loyalty and incentive services to attract potential buyers and keep existing ones. You will get a plethora of promotions, coupons, cash back, and loyalty rewards using our automated financial solution.

Key Features
  • Use the geofencing function to send push alerts.
  • Keep note of your clients' loyalty habits.
  • Integration of beacon technology.
  • Make tiers of deals.
Maxonrow Crypto Currency
Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency storage, transition, and tracking

Our digital financial solution provides a crypto currency wallet for storing public and non-public keys used for transactions. It also enables the users to monitor, send, and receive crypto currency properties.

Key Features
  • Authentication of two factors.
  • QR-code reader.
  • Backup to your wallet.
  • Make tiers of deals.
Maxonrow Merchant Solution
Merchant Solution

Mobile money / wallet simplifies digital transactions

Our mobile finance system's merchant solution automates the entire delivery network. Merchants will allow purchases for any of their smartphone users using our approach. It also enables the reseller to sell goods through multiple channels such as USSD, IVR, POS, and SMS.

Incentives for retailers
  • Promotions are available.
  • Commissions that are versatile.
  • Examine the purchases.
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A powerful and user-friendly wallet that helps users manage their digital assets and digital ID.

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