A versatile and easy-to-use wallet that assists users in managing their digital assets and digital ID.

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The Most Secure KYC Wallet In The Market

MAX-Wallet is the primary mobile application for end users to manage their Maxonrow accounts.

The wallet is built on Maxonrow Blockchain with embedded state-of-the-art KYC.

It’s a powerful and user-friendly wallet that helps users manage their digital assets and digital ID.

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MAX-Wallet users only need to go through KYC once when they first register. Once the user’s identity is verified, they can manage their digital assets and access all services within the Maxonrow ecosystem.

With a clean and engaging UI, users can access a variety of digital ID services, see details of their digital assets and transaction history at a glance, transfer MXW, chat with other MAX-Wallet users and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MAX-Wallet?

MAX-Wallet is a mobile wallet (available on iOS and Android) developed by Maxonrow that helps users manage digital ID and assets. You can use MAX-Wallet to safely store, send and receive MXW. Businesses can create customized tokens. The mobile wallet also supports in-app chat functions.

The development team is working on releasing more digital identity services such as MAX-Register, a login service that allows users to securely access other platforms using MAX-Wallet, without having to create a separate account.

2. Who can sign up for MAX-Wallet?

Anyone, as long as you are who you say you are. Please make sure to provide a valid government issued ID and enter the correct information accordingly so you can pass the ID verification.

3. Why should I use MAX-Wallet?

Every user in the MAX-Wallet ecosystem has to pass the ID verification to conduct transactions. In other words, every wallet address is tied to a verified identity to ensure accountability and tracebility. All transactions in app are proteced by encryption and blockchain technology.

4. What is a wallet address?

A wallet address is comprised of a string of alphanumeric characters and is used to conduct MXW transactions. The address indicates to where the tokens are sent, and from where you are receiving the tokens.

5. Can I change my wallet address?

Sorry, no. Your wallet address is unique and permanent. You cannot change it once your account has been created.

6. How to create a MAX-Wallet account?

To sign up, please follow these steps:
1. Open MAX-Wallet app on your device
2. Tap SIGN UP
3. Enter your nickname
4. Enter email address
6. Check the email inbox or junk/spam folder to look for Email OTP sent by Maxonrow
7. Find your 6-digit OTP Code in the email
8. Enter the 6-digit OTP Code in MAX-Wallet app
9. If you didn't receive an email or if the 6-digit OTP Code is expired, you can tap RESEND EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE
10. Set and confirm a 6-digit PIN
11. Enable the biometric authentication feature (optional) by tapping USE BIOMETRIC. If you don't want to enable the function, tap NO,THANKS
12. Congratulations! You have successfully created a MAX-Wallet account.

7. Why can't I open MAX-Wallet? Why does the app keep crashing?

Update your MAX-Wallet to the latest version. If you have the latest version and the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected].

8. What is a Paper Key?

A Paper Key is 12-word recovery phase arranged in a fixed sequence and is the master key to your MAX-Wallet. It's the only way to recover your account if you lose your phone or forgot your password.

9. How do I keep my Paper Key safe?

- Do not take a screenshot of the Paper Key.
- Do not store the Paper Key information on the same device where you use your MAX-Wallet app.

- Write it down. Write down the 12-word phrase in order and keep it in a safe place.
- Send the 12-word phrase and the order to your email.
- Keep the 12-word phrase in a doc on cloud.

Two ways to back up your MAX-Wallet account:
Paper Key
- Tap PROFILE on the bottom right on the Dashboard page
- Tap ACCOUNT BACKUP on the Profile page
- Enter your security password and tap NEXT
- Go over the tips and tap NEXT
- Write down your paper key in the same order physically on a piece of paper.
- Tap DONE
- Congraturations! You have successfully backed up via the Paper Key.
Please keep the paper somewhere safe only you know.

Exporting Wallet File
- Tap PROFILE on the bottom right on the Dashboard page
- Enter your security password and tap NEXT
- Select the export option available on your phone.
- For example, if you choose to export via Gmail, the backup file ‘mxw_backup.json’ will be sent to your inbox.
Tap SEND in Gmail app to complete the backup.

10. What if my Paper Key is leaked or stolen?

A compromised Paper Key leaves all your assets susceptible to theft and hijack. If your Paper Key is stolen or leaked to any unauthorized third party, immediately transfer all your assets to a trusted recipient, and report it to us right away ([email protected]) to freeze all assets in your MAX-Wallet.

11. How do I recover my wallet by Paper Key?

1. Open MAX-Wallet app
4. Enter the 12-word phrase in order that you wrote down on a piece of paper
5. Once done, tap SUBMIT
6. Set and confirm your new 6-digit PIN
7. Set and confirm your new security password and tap NEXT
8. Done! Your wallet should be recovered.

12. How do I recover my wallet by backup file?

1. Find your backup file "mxw_backup.json"
2. Download the file to your device
3. Open MAX-Wallet app
6. Tap SELECT FILE to upload the backup file "mxw_backup.json"
7. Enter your security password
9. Set and confirm your new 6-digit PIN
10. Set and confirm your new security password and tap NEXT
11. Done! Your wallet should be recovered.

13. Why do I have to go through ID verification?

ID verification (KYC/Know Your Customer ) is required as a measure to hold MAX-Wallet users liable for all their transactions conducted on our platform. This allows law enforcement entities to trace a user if the user is deemed a fraud or has committed a crime.

We do not disclose user information unless requested by law enforcement authorities.

14. What are the steps to complete ID verification?

The user is required to complete all three levels of ID Verification in order to access all MAX-Wallet functions:
Level 1 - To set the 6-digit PIN and enter your personal identity information
Level 2 - To set security password and upload the front and back photo of your identity document
Level 3 - To backup wallet with Paper Key, take selfie photo with your identity document, and perform liveness detection

Kindly follow the steps below:
1. Tap GO on the Digital ID-Lv 0 banner on the Dashboard page
2. Set 6-digit PIN if you haven't and enter your information as instructed
3. Set security password and upload the front and back photo of your identity document
4. Backup wallet with Paper Key
5. Take selfie photo with your identity document
6. Perform liveness detection, such as blink your eyes, shake your head and etc.
7. Read and agree the T&Cs
We will review it within 1-3 business days.

15. Why was my ID verification rejected?

Your submission was probably rejected because:
1. Information entered does not match identification document
2. Identification document has expired
3. Selfie photo and identification photo do not match
4. There was no clear difference in color between the background and the identification document
5. Photo of identity document is too blurry, dark, or unclear because of glare
6. You were wearing sunglasses or hats when taking the selfie

None of the above? Contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

16. What’s the difference between 6-digit PIN and security password?

6-digit PIN
- Only for wallet login

Security password
- Send token to other users
- View paper key during account backup
- Export wallet file during account backup
- Wipe wallet from device

17. Lost your security password? Learn to reset security password.

If your security password is lost, follow these steps below to reset security password:
1. Tap PROFILE on the bottom right on the Dashboard page
4. Answer the question about your Paper Key
6. Enter and confirm your new security password
7. Tap NEXT
8. Well done! Your security password has been reset!

18. How do I send tokens on MAX-Wallet?

Once your ID verification is approved, you can send tokens to other MAX-Wallet users.

To send tokens, follow the steps below:
1. Tap QR-Scan icon in top-right corner
2. Scan recipient wallet’s QR code
3. Select asset type and enter amount
4. Enter Transaction Notes (optional)
5. Tap SEND
6. Enter your security password
7. Tap NEXT
8. Done. You've successfully sent yout tokens!

19. How do I request tokens on MAX-Wallet?

Once your ID verification is approved, you can request tokens from other MAX-Wallet users.

To request tokens, follow the steps below:
1. Tap ASSETS at the bottom of the Dashboard page
3. Select asset type and enter token amount
4. Allow sender to scan your QR code
5. You should receive the token(s) from the sender soon

20. How do I remove a wallet from my device?

If you want to remove or wipe a wallet from your device, follow these steps:
1. Tap PROFILE on the bottom right on the Dashboard page
4. Enter your security password
5. Tap NEXT
6. Make sure that you have the paper key OR the backup file saved securely
8. Your wallet and all associated credentials will be removed from your device

21. What if I transferred tokens to the wrong wallet address?

Each transaction stored in the blockchain is immutable. If the transaction went through, you cannot stop or reverse the transaction to retrieve your assets.

However, you can still immediately send a direct message to the recipient to inform your mistake and politely ask your assets to be returned to you.

22. Have a question not listed in the FAQ?

If you need help with something not listed here, please contact us at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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