Maxonrow’s Hosts its Official Global Launch in Taipei

On March 17th, Maxonrow hosted its official Global Launch Event in Taipei. The event was the first of its kind in the blockchain space for it was not solely focused on Maxonrow’s product and features, but combined a state of the art product presentation with world-class entertainment.

“Maxonrow has a vision. A vision to cooperate with the whole world, by using our blockchain platform to enable a generation of entrepreneurs and visionaries. By providing a stable platform with native KYC functionality we can support blockchain projects in a broad range of industries from environmental protection to empowering small enterprises to embrace the power of tokenization.” Mark Homeier, Maxonrow’s CEO

“Change doesn’t occur in an instant, it is a gradual process and at Maxonrow our bet is to influence public policy around the world by working together with governments, corporations and businesses and make their jobs easier and to ensure a better service for everybody involved. Our goal from day 1 is to create products that make sense for our users and have an impact on their day to day lives.” – Jin Tai. CEO Asia Region

Adding to Maxonrow’s introduction was Marco Aniballi, Head of Product and Carlo Chung, Tech Director who presented the company’s product roadmap and some of the current features in development.

There was also a special speech made by guest Andrey Abramov, Vice President of the World Organization of Governance and Competitiveness where he commented: “To the Maxonrow team, I wish every success in your work which holds so much promise for our future.”

There were nine performances by Aerodynamic, Sam Lee, William Wei, Move On, Ailing Tai, Queen Wei, IP Lockers, 187 INC and 911. There were also presentations by all of the partners that will be using the Maxonrow blockchain. Fansdaq, MUIS, ALLN, Red Star, Tea Coin, Gubi, Music Bravo.

Maxonrow’s ecosystem is delivering a viable and validated set of solutions with enhanced security features that are designed to scale from individual consumers to governments. A decentralized platform that is safe, secure and regulatorily compliant for everyone, everywhere.