Maxonrow Visits Sao Paulo, the Capital of Latin America’s Largest Economy as part of its #MaxonWorld Tour

Latin America’s largest economy has adopted blockchain technology to reduce corruption, legitimize legal decisions, and even track votes. For this reason, we thought it was a great destination to host one of our meetups, and we weren’t wrong!

We got to share with 30+ attendees about Blockchain technology, and more specifically our upcoming product releases We were surprised to get a lot of feedback and insights into the development of the technology in Brazil.

Some of the most interesting facts shared by attendees during the meetup were that the presidential candidate for the Brazil Workers’ Party, has published his government plan via blockchain. As information stored on a blockchain cannot be altered or compromised, he decided to store the data on a decentralized platform. The Central Bank of Brazil has already conducted different tests on how technology could potentially be applied in the Brazilian market.

However, the most exciting moment of our presentation was when Ximena Cordon, Maxonrow’s Marketing Director, got to share about our upcoming wallet contest: “Our wallet contest is a great opportunity for developers to play with the making of a wallet by testing our SDK for a chance to win amazing prices such as 5,000 USDT and a chance to join the Maxonrow team in Berlin for Maxonrow’s first Hackathon”, she shared.

We’ve got to say that people were really excited about the contest that we got many submissions the days following the event!

Check out what went down in the video below:

We are on a roll, reaching out to say Hi and build our community around the world. Stay tuned through our Telegram about our upcoming destinations, and do reach out if you would like us to visit your city!