Maxonrow is Proud to Introduce the MAX-Wallet

Maxonrow is getting ready to officially launch the MAX-Wallet, a wallet built upon KYC blockchain that shows asset value, transaction fees, and transaction type in full transparency. Users only need to conduct KYC authentication once upon registering a new account before having unlimited access to the Maxonrow Blockchain ecosystem and manage their encrypted assets.

“Our MAX-Wallet aims to be the main user-end application managing the user’s Maxonrow account. In addition to creating what we believe to be the most secure and transparent wallet in the market, Maxonrow is preparing to venture into non-transactional systems as well; by working with governments worldwide, the Maxonrow digital wallet will enable function extensions that would expand the industry beyond the current scope,” said Mark Homeier, Maxonrow’s CEO.

In addition to being robust secure and transparent, the Maxonrow wallet has two other unique features. First, the MAX-Wallet will allow businesses to issue custom tokens for launching an ICO or any other business activity. It will also have a chat function where users can keep all of their financial discussions in one place with the ability to communicate seamlessly with active members within the Maxonrow ecosystem.

The MAX-Wallet will first go through a BETA period that will end on September first with the official release of the wallet in the App Store. Maxonrow is very excited to have this product be the first in the long line of upcoming product launches coming up later this year.

About Maxonrow

Established in 2018, Maxonrow is the first network in the world that will connect societies, governments, and businesses with the digital economy through blockchain technology. Maxonrow’s core Blockchain is a mainchain with mandatory KYC verification which is integrated across all products. Our unique approach allows decentralized assets to be exchanged without sacrificing regulatory oversight. Maxonrow’s mainchain is powered by a high-throughput transactional chain, transparent and predictable transaction fee structure, user issued tokens, and a secure validator management system. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a financial institution, an NGO or a government, Maxonrow can help you achieve your goals ough innovative blockchain technology solutions. For more information, please visit